Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How To Style Vintage Mom Jeans

Hi readers,
I’ve noticed the mom jeans trend really taking off lately. Model like kendall, bella and ale are wearing the vintage jeans as their street style scene and is even being sold by high end designer as Alexander Wang.  The loose, straight leg-style sits at your waist, looks best in vintage-inspired and i like them personally !!
And today i want to share how i style mom jeans ! so scroll down guys x

1. 90's Throwback

If you want to stay true to the vintage feel of the jeans, throw on a loose fitting tee you can style it like me tying the ends of it. You can pair it with your favorite sneakers or boots for a 90’s grunge look. For accessories you can wear the retro look lennon sunglasses and cute bandana, dont forget the final touch is in your lips. You can apply your dark color lipstick or maybe your red liptstick! Can you feel the retro and vintage vibe girls? X

2. Topped With A Denim Jacket

If these high rise jeans dont turn some heads on their own, a denim jacket definitely do the trick. Denim jacket are the best outer wear because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit and they dont cover up the rest of your outfit, in fact they can usually make an outfit even cool. 

3. Accessories

Wearing a bandana like a headband is a really cute way to add some color to your style, and on the practical side it’s perfect for keeping stray hairs out of your face. and it perfect for vintage yet chic and fashionable look! x

These classic round metal sunglasss are inspired by the legendary john lennon. Go for an iconic retro look in these lennon style sunglasses ! x

Dont be afraid to be different! Your vintage looks will be more fun and fashionable with socks! You can wear you high knee socks in basic colors or you can wear you playful socks it depends on your outfit. You can also wear it wih loafers or your boots ! x

Thank you for scrolling down and read it till the end :)
Have a nice day guys x


Tumblr ringer tee
Unbranded socks
sunglasses              : Ruby
Headband              : Cotton on
Sneakers                : Vans
Mom jean              : Pull & bear
Denim jacket         : Cotton on

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