Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hi readers,

who says that tomboys can not wear a dress? im gonna share you a tips how to rock n roll a dress. so for all the boyish and tomboys out there, here's the tips !
scroll down guys xx

1. Choker

 choker has been trend in runway that can be worn everyday, you can wear it whether with dress, tshirt or croptop but in my case i wear in a dress. Thanks to an overall '90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, everyday cool girls. as for mine i use thick velvet choker xx

2. Outer wear 

  outwear, you can combine your dress with outer whether jacket, bomber, cardigan or anything that you want. but in my case i decided to wear my varsity jacket because i want to make it looks sporty but chic. so pick your choices xx 

3. Sneakers

want to look simple but still edgy? sneakers is the answer, you can wear your sneakers with dress it looks casual, chic yet sporty and you can wear choker too as accessories. 

so pick your looks 1, 2, or 3? 
hope you all like it and useful for your OOTD ideas xx 
thank you for visiting :)

unbranded choker
unbranded varsity
dress : cotton on
shoes : adidas

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Hi readers,

Hope y'all have been stocking up some lingerie underwear, bralete and croptop because underwear as outwear has officially become a thing!!! you can combined it not just with tee, but also dress!
too afraid to try? well scroll down because i got tips for you how to wear this xx

  1. Bralete

you got bralete but never wear it because it is too short? this ootd ideas from balenciaga is the answer you can wear your bralete with basic tshirt,  or blouse even a dress xxx


 option number 2 you can combined it with bendeau ,again you can use it as outwear whether it's bra over tee, or even dress! this suits spring / summer looks perfectly xx


option number 3 is my favorite because i never got the chance to wear my aztec croptop   because it just too short for me but now i have the solution *yeayyy*. you can also combined it with your croptop girls and you ready to rock n roll lol xx

i decided to choose option number 3, and for my looks i chose to wear my high neck top with my aztec croptop as my outer and polkadot cullote pants with my ankle boots to make my outfits more edgy. i adore this trend because it just so helpful and unique, to wear your underwear as an outwear and it helps every other girl that afraid to wear croptop because it is too short, well it spring almost summer after all girls croptop is back againnnnn!!! dont be afraid to express yourself girls xx

readers, this is the end of my post i hope you like and useful for all of you,
thank you for visiting xx

any comment or question? feel free to comment below or contact me through my email x

Bendeau           : HnM
Aztec croptop  : forever21
Hi-neck top      : stradivarius
cullotes             : beste project
ankle boots      : adorable project

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hi readers,

This is my first blog im so excited about it!! so i really really hope you guys enjoy my OOTD ideas. xx

as you can guess from the title, days like these is about daily wear and casual. 
but i want to make it not just casual but also edgy. 
so i decided to wear my loose dress that have a little slit,
this dress is so comfy and simple this is very suitable for daily wear,
and to make it more edgy i combined it with my bae slash sneakers ( i'm a sneakerhead lol) xx
besides sneakers i chose to use a tote bag and if you're too lazy to wear a makeup 
i've got tips for you guys, you can just wear a sunglasses or just an eye glasses with a lipstick or just a lipgloss then voilaaa you're good to go!!

so this is the end of my first post, i hope you guys like it. and  if you have any comment or question just ask away! 
thank you for visiting and enjoy your day xx

Dress      : shopatvelvet
unbranded sunglasses
Tote Bag : adorable project 
shoes       : vans